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We live in a world where new businesses are mushrooming left, right and center. The marketplace is crowded, and for every product or service category, there are about a zillion options for customers to choose from. Needless to say, today, it’s not good enough for brands to just offer a great product or service – modern consumers (Millennials and GenZ) look for more (we do too, it’s no secret). They expect businesses to be there for them, especially the transaction. The product is only part of what customers buy; they also buy the experience and associated lifestyle that comes with this packaged deal.

In this competitive game, it’s the relationships that brands build with their customers that separates successful businesses from the ones that end up crashing. According to Microsoft’s Global State of Customer Service report, 58% of consumers will end a relationship with a business due to poor customer service. That’s why earning and maintaining customer loyalty is so important.

Sensate was born three years ago to help brands and companies achieve client loyalty in an authentic and intentional way. We have supported some of the biggest names in the retail and hospitality industry to design and implement client experience strategies, front line training programs and workshops. We have coached some of the most talented professionals in the region and so far are loving the experience.

In order to better understand what we do, it’s important to understand the basics: Customer loyalty - A relationship between a customer and a brand that goes beyond just buying and selling. It’s about creating an emotional connection where customers want to keep coming back to you and your brand. A loyal customer will always choose you over your “frenemies” (competition).

At Sensate we support companies to transform their business into a “business of experience” through our tried and tested workshops. Our training methodology is based on the three human traits - Mindset, behavior and skill set. All our programs are designed to be interactive and experiential for the participant through our coaching method. All training and workshops are modular which means that you get to design your own bespoke program that fits perfectly with your team and clients needs.

We consistently and openly tell our clients to be the company that never makes a client want to give their money to any other brands.


Here are a few tips from us to make sure that you keep you clients close to you even through the summer break when most people are traveling:

1. Delight and surprise

Everybody loves surprises. A small gift in the mail, a handwritten welcome back from holiday note, a bouquet, or a personalized birthday wish; anything that brightens up your customers’ day without them having asked for it changes the relationship of that customer with your brand from mere satisfaction to life-long loyalty.

2. Make it Fun

You are not the only player in the market offering your awesome products or services. Distinguishing yourself from your competitors to stand out and catch the eye of your customers and retaining it is serious business. Including a little fun into your work, you can increase your brand’s value and loyalty.

3. Reward for loyalty

One of the most popular ways to maintain customer loyalty is by rewarding them for their long-term association with your brand and their trust in you. They definitely deserve a lot of brownie points. Give your clients the options of amazing offers and perks (They just hit different).


In conclusion, make sure not to lose the opportunity to keep in touch with your clients through the summer, ensure that they haven’t forgotten about you and once back, they run back to see you.

Client loyalty isn't a given, it is earned.


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