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2022 was a rollercoaster of a year! Twitter, Queen Elizabeth, Russia & Ukraine, inflation, talk about recession, the FIFA frenzy, the ease of COVID-19 measures….

For us at Sensate, last year was all about growth. We grew as a company, and expanded our team and services, with a focus on coaching and training, brand management, brand consulting, recruitment, and much more. We were involved in some fantastic projects with some of the biggest global brands, all across the GCC, and saw some fantastic results from our training and workshops. Now focusing on the year ahead, we are strategizing and planning ahead, in order to be prepared for any unexpected surprises, (Like some of the ones we had last year). We are uncovering an old secret that Arnold Schwarzenegger, Oprah Winfrey, and Steve Harvey have been following to achieve their goals. They have often discussed the importance of creating a vision board to achieve their goals.

A vision board is an arrangement of images, words, and statements that are designed to motivate an individual towards a clear intention or desire to assist in their dream visualization. The concept is very easy, the idea behind it is for your mind to constantly be reminded of the focus areas that you list in it.

When you have a vision board with your objectives and intentions in a prominent and visible location, your subconscious mind will start to work on them.


Vision boards are related to the Law of Attraction, it’s about bringing into your life the things that you are focusing on. Creating vision boards is a trend that starts with an enthusiastic individual who sets out to accomplish new goals and records them all. In time, however, the individual throws away or stops using the sheet with their goals on it, and forgets the goals they set for themselves. A vision board solves this problem by helping individuals remember their goals throughout the day and feel inspired every time they glance at it.

A vision board requires effort rather than merely envisioning a goal. There isn't any magic concerning manifestation. Regular visualization helps to stimulate your subconscious mind to notice the hidden desires in your life.


Now that you understand how vital setting objectives is to manifesting your vision. Why not try creating a vision board for where you want to see yourself in a year to track your progress and grow as an individual? Put on your hidden capes and let’s explore the steps to get started on your vision board.


Step 1 - Access the achievements that you have accomplished in the past year

Step 2 - Conduct a Personal Reflection on your thoughts and actions

Step 3 - List out your problems, goals, and focal points to articulate this year

Step 4 - Celebrate your progress and draft a road map to decide on the next direction

Step 5 - Decide what should be included in your vision board



What’s the meaning of self-love to you? For some people it’s about taking a day out at the spa, cycling beside the beach shore, or choosing healthy food over junk food. In 2022, we saw that there was a massive increase in depression rates throughout the world concerning the pandemic situation. Research has shown that to dodge a negative thought, you always replace it with a positive thought, start by replacing the word ‘can’t do’ with ‘can do’, and see the little big difference of change that it brings into your life. It’s all about a little step that you take that induces a long-term habit.


We human beings sometimes tend to crib and complain about the bad things that happen in our lives. For a change let’s set up a no-complaints day every week. This will help to induce an optimistic outlook on life and enhance problem-solving skills. You will soon see the good in every bad situation by putting all your energy into finding a solution rather than delving into the problem.


Switching to sustainable living, by reducing the usage of organic resources and replacing them with the best possible alternatives in the littlest of ways, in terms of consumption, diet, energy, and transport. A new trend that has been trending on Tik Tok is the practice of minimalism, which is efficiently using everything that you have to the maximum and cutting out clutter. A clean place is scientifically known to make you feel good about yourself. Contribute towards reducing pollution by carpooling to work or switching to public transport. Practice the methodology of Earth Day daily by switching off the lights and not using your electronic appliances for an hour. It’s time to switch it up to the eco-cool!

Team SENSATE is on the bandwagon and we’re already loving the ride!

We wanted to kick start the year as the year of gratitude. We tend to usually enjoy the good moments in life, but forget to practice the art of gratefulness after the happy moments. This year we started by having a team-building activity of developing a Vision Board for the year by setting goals. Each of our team members created a digital vision board, and focused on key areas of self-development, dreams, learning, travel, career goals, to-do, and more…

Our founder Ben started the activity by asking each employee the question "What are your goals? It's about progress, respect, change, and accountability, not just about shareholder returns. The importance of having the correct mindset can move mountains and take individuals to places they thought they could never reach before.” Ben was able to find his purpose when he started SENSATE in 2020, he wanted to help people and make a difference in their professional lives. He credits most of his accomplishments thanks to the practice of a vision board, which he started years ago and still does.

Ben always says: “Be the CHANGE”!

During this process, our team members reflected on what changes each employee wanted to make and incorporated them into the vision board. An employee stated that his goal was to become physically and mentally healthy by working out regularly. Another practice that an employee introduced in the company was the grateful jar, wherein each employee would write in a piece of note “One thing that they are grateful for”. We can’t wait to incorporate more practices of gratitude, fitness, and wellness at SENSATE in 2023.

Once you have a vision board with all the realistic objectives that you strive towards every day, study it carefully and put forth every effort to make those goals a reality. Remember that life can change its course at any time, so use your vision board as a living document and update it as necessary. If a goal has been accomplished, you might want to take it out from your board. Alternatively, use your vision board as a checklist and mark each item off as you complete it. Whatever method you use to recognize your achievements, don’t forget to celebrate them!

Now vision up and let's work towards a fabulous and successful year!

Written by Melanie D'silva & Ben Safra

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