Brand Management 

We are a harmonious team of strategy driven market specialists working on the development of leading brands.  We work hand-in-hand with our clients, we study the needs of their business and apply an approach that is specific to the core of the brand without compromising the DNA.  


We create in-store, client &  brand experiences that achieve transformative growth for leading luxury brands.  


A highly proactive and driven team committed to the art of effectively communicating your message to your target market through various channels: 

  • Creative-branding 

  • 360 digital communication 

  • Localised Campaign Strategies

  • PR + Events  

  • Merchandising


Our strategic approach, extensive market knowledge and industry experiences cultivate effective opportunities. We research the market, company, sector, customers and culture to create powerful stories. Sensate provides short and long term brand strategies that deliver quantitative and qualitative results.