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The Summer Edition. A focus on mental fitness.

After a long silent break from our readers, we are back and have a lot of exciting news to share with you! The last six months have been a whirlwind of exciting projects, fun activities, and creative and interesting new ways of working. We, like everyone, have been adapting and readjusting our ways of working both within ourselves and with our clients.

We run a Communication and Networking training program for the Personal Shoppers of Farfetch Middle East and Russia. We had to get creative about the ways we keep everyone engaged and interested as well as keeping the energy high during the full day Zoom training. The results were astonishing, we had full attendance and participation and the feedback was extremely positive.In parallel we have been working closely with several French luxury brands on some exciting projects.

We collaborated with one of the fabulous jewellery Maisons in Downtown Dubai and invited our guests to a luxurious high tea extravaganza.The boutique was beautifully decorated and the ladies were pampered with delicious canapés and cakes whilst sipping rare teas from around the world. Everybody got to try on their favourite pieces of jewellery, we had a lot of fun.

On the clienteling side of our business, we started a very exciting collaboration with one of, (if not the most renowned), French luxury brand. We have been working closely with their corporate team on their clienteling strategy, running corporate workshops for the senior management team as well as creating a Clienteling Toolbox for their retail stores. This has been an exciting and positive experience for all. We are now moving onto the next phase of the program, lots more to share with you in the coming months. On H&W, we have been working on some fascinating programs (Online & Offline), with our clients as well as building our holistic platform and community.We are sending our very own Mila to explore more on H&W in Bali this summer and will report back upon her return.We love that our community is growing. Please keep following and liking and commenting. We receive all your positive energy and are so grateful to each and everyone of you.The Sensate family.Add your text here. Edit to add dynamic values like name, email and more.

Our new fascination- Neuroscience & Mental Fitness

The brain is a fragile muscle, and like any other muscle, it needs to be flexed and tensed as often as possible in order to keep it functioning well; and when things fall out of place, our brain gets out of sync and starts to assume the worst. In the past year and a half, needless to say, our brains have been very busy assuming and concluding, convincing us of certain scenarios, some positive, some not so. At Sensate, we put our brains together in order to stay focused and positive, in our collective thoughts we have become increasingly more interested in exploring perspective and adaptation. We took a deep look at life after lockdowns and restrictions, and In order to stay ahead of the curve, we decided to explore the fascinating world of Neuroscience and its relationship with perspective and on the other hand, and as a result of Neuroscience, we delved deeper into mental fitness, and how it can aid us in the adaptation phase. During our deep dive into Neuroscience and perspective which is the study of the brain and its impact on behaviour and cognitive functions, or how people think. In layman's terms, it's the art of retraining your brain to associate actions or events with new emotions. We wanted to share with you some of the wonderful things we’ve learnt and some great tips and tricks on how to change your perspective and retrain your brain to a more positive outlook, so as to ensure we are at the top of our game at all times. One of the key factors within neuroscience is to actively alter our perception of daily life through mental fitness. Mental fitness is described as a state of well-being and having a positive sense of how we feel, sense and act, this can be achieved through a handful of easy steps:

  • Stop multitasking; although it is said multitasking enables you to get more completed in a short amount of time, sometimes it is best to lower stress levels as much as possible and get one task done at a time to ensure each is completed to the best of your ability.

  • Take a Breather; take some time out of your day to truly relax and disconnect with whatever may be running around, inside your head. This, alongside memory exercises is a sure way to improve mental fitness.

  • Read more; though it sounds simple, the effects on the brain with reading is one of the faster ways to improve mental fitness as you are proactively utilising its memory, retention, and comprehension ability.

  • Diving into something you may have put off for a while; a hobby you always wanted to pursue that would inspire you and reignite passion. you’re giving yourself a purpose in which you can improve on and feel self-actualisation as a result.

  • Focus on self-growth: this can be a huge factor in determining mindset through day-to-day tasks, as for example: you are working hard towards attaining your desired weight or gym goal and each step closer you get, the more proud of yourself you become as a result.

Our research made us think about what can be done in an easy and fast way, to kickstart a healthier routine back into “regular” life. We found that the importance of a positive mindset is imperative to adaptation. We discovered that focusing on your strengths is a foolproof way to quickly increase your positivity in everyday life; this is the adaptation part of mental fitness. Alongside this, picturing your best possible future will make you happier in the present and thus increase positivity and strengthen your perspective on life. Life is not so black and white and thinking in such a way is often damaging and pessimistic which actually reduces growth and positivity. The tips and tricks we’ve shared and implemented in our own daily lives have made a sizeable difference to our personal mindset for the better, we hope they will do the same for you. We specifically chose to focus on neuroscience for this summer edition because summer brings change in weather, mood and a whole lot of vitamin D from the sun, a perfect opportunity to detox from the stresses of work and better our mind and body. The exploration into neuroscience is important to our overall well being, since it’ll be the groundwork of how we perceive any future challenges that may come our way; this is how we prepare for a productive and exciting reentry into our new “normal” post lockdown. Our discovery has definitely helped us contextualise many of the emotions (both good and bad), that we have been experiencing during the shift from office events and normal social interactions, to home living and lengthy zoom meetings. Now it’s time to put things into practice, use Neuroscience as the method, and implement through Mental Fitness. by Ben Safra & Kaiser Abdulrahim

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