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Hackathon, CSR, and life-changing moments are some of the thrills we went through last month.

This month, join us on a new captivating journey as we unveil the key factors impacting mental health. Explore the power of support, and reveal the secret to building a positive workplace environment.


Once upon a time, in the vast corporate landscape, a hidden enemy lurked in the shadows, silently wreaking havoc on the lives of employees. Mental health challenges had become an unspoken epidemic, sapping the energy, enthusiasm, and potential of countless individuals. However, the time had come to break the silence and shed light on the importance of mental well-being in the corporate world.

Recent studies have shed light on the prevalence of mental health challenges among employees. According to the World Economic Forum, depression, and anxiety account for over 12 billion lost working days annually throughout the globe.

The Workforce Institute at UKG conducted a 3,400-person survey, where the report stated that leaders and managers influence the mental health of employees more than their therapists and doctors.

Within the maze of corporate life, numerous factors conspire to compromise mental well-being. From gigantic workloads and relentless deadlines to the insidious trap of burnout, the pressures mount relentlessly. Poor work-life balance, job insecurity, and an absence of social support only serve to intensify the struggle. During this turbulent landscape, leaders and organizations bear a heavy responsibility to foster a culture that protects and promotes mental health.


Hopping on a leadership journey is like sailing on a ship through uncharted waters. Leaders have a powerful role in affecting the mental health of their teams. Beyond profit-driven goals, being people-driven is crucial. In conversation with our founder, we examined leadership and discovered that everything comes with a cost. Just like storms that can sink a ship, doubts and uncertainties can rock one's mind.

In the pursuit of ambition and success, we often tend to ignore the lesser-known nemesis which is the silent assassins of mental health. We interviewed our clients and their respective employees to discover what are the silent factors haunting them. Here we want to explore the silent killers of mental health so that leaders can create a positive ripple effect that transforms their employees' lives for the better.

We interviewed a range of our clients and their employees and uncovered that the first and foremost killer is the 'Villain of Soulful Connectivity.' In an era where technology binds us tighter than ever, the line between personal and professional life blurs, leaving no sanctuary for mental rejuvenation. A pro tip by our Founder Ben Safra: "Professionals should take the time to truly listen and show genuine empathy towards their colleagues' experiences and emotions".

The Second Killer is the 'Shadow of Unrealistic Expectations,' a silent shadow that hovers above, filling minds with unattainable goals, and hearts with fear of failure. Ben shared valuable insight into trying and communicate openly and assertively with stakeholders to manage and align expectations realistically.

Then, there’s the 'Wizard of Chronic Overwork,' a relentless enemy that saps energy and happiness, transforming passion into exhaustion. The best quick solution to deal with chronic work would be to explore and maintain balance, it’s time to preserve your well-being by establishing healthy boundaries and incorporating regular breaks when dealing with long-term work.

Equally jeopardizing is the 'Delusion of Job Insecurity,' its chilling whispers inducing anxiety and stress. We can adopt the best effective practice of mindfulness techniques such as deep breathing and grounding exercises to effectively manage workplace anxiety and promote a calm and focused mindset. Lastly, there's the 'Beast of Workplace Bullying,' an underlying yet potent tormentor that chips away at confidence and self-esteem. Our Founder, Ben's personal experience with bullying and a disconnect between company culture and senior leadership behavior highlighted the need for change.

Our research indicates that a lack of diversity and inclusivity in leadership fosters an unpleasant work environment. Ineffective communication of the company's goals and vision by leaders creates a sense of directionless and purposelessness among employees, emphasizing the crucial role of good leadership in cultivating a positive workplace culture. Bridging the gap between company culture and leadership behavior is imperative for the overall success and well-being of the organization. These five silent killers, stealthily navigating the corporate maze, wage a secret war on employee mental health. Shedding light on their existence is the first step towards fostering a healthier, more productive work environment. It's high time we destroy these monsters and silence the ghosts.


At Sensate we are fortunate and proud to say that our founder Ben, encourages us to express ourselves through diversity, equality, and freedom of thought. He empowers us to voice our ideas, to be our true selves, and to find purpose through change, growth, and positivity.

One of the unique and extraordinary tools we use at Sensate to support self-expression and a sense of belonging is our CSR program, The Hackathon For Good.

Being involved in a purpose bigger than yourself offers numerous advantages, both personally and professionally. During our Hackathons, employees not only connect with new people from around the world but also find a higher purpose by supporting an NGO and positively impacting millions of fragile lives. Employees engage in sessions that cultivate empathy, ideation, prototyping, and pitching, fostering a sense of purpose that goes beyond the daily routine of life. This not only inspires employees to think creatively and push boundaries but also motivates them to build sustainable solutions that benefit charities and, in turn, their own growth and development.

The Hackathon for Good is one of the many Employee engagement programs we run at Sensate. We create a foundation with our positive leadership programs, team-building activities, health and wellness workshops, and more. Get in touch with us to find out more about the hackathon methodology and our employee engagement programs at

Our motto is to Lead by Example and Leave a positive impact on all those we encounter.

Written by Melanie D'silva & Ben Safra


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