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'You didn't come this far,
to only get this far'... 

We are a full-service boutique experience agency, we bridge the gap between Brand, Client & Employee.


We Do

We have done it in-house for many years, for countless luxury and premium brands,

Now let us do it for you

We develop and execute solutions for luxury and premium brands as well as hospitality through the

Three Pillars of Experience

Customer Employee  Brand Experience Agency




We help you transform your business, 

shifting it to a 'Business of Experience'

What we do
Our Capabilities

We help you find those rare and unique employees that make your company a great, client centric one.

We specialize in headhunting candidates that no one can find! We only work through personal contacts and are quite fast and efficient at placing the right person, at the right role, for the right company.

Our Capabilities


Employee Experiences 

Employee loyalty and engagement are of the utmost importance, make sure your employees feel loved, protected, and cared for, in return, they will do the same for your organization and clients.

Client Experience

Brand Experience

Tailored Training
& Workshops

Developing people both personally and professionally is in our DNA. Through our coaching and training programs, we made a huge impact both on team loyalty as well as business results. We find that empowering, engaging, and involving your employees reaps huge rewards. 

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Image by Oksana Taran

Image by Oksana Taran

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Image by Kier In Sight

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Image by Fredrik Öhlander

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Image by Windows

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Image by Marten Bjork

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Image by Austin Distel

Client loyalty isn’t a given, it is earned. We support companies to transform their business into a “business of Experience” through our tried and tested programs and workshops.

Our training methodology is based on the three human traits - Mind-Set | Behaviour | Skill Set

All our programs are designed to be interactive and experiential for the participant through the Coaching Method. All training and workshops are modular which means that you get to design your own bespoke program that fits perfectly to your team and client needs.

Light and Shadow

VIC Initiatives

Planning an integrated exceptional and memorable experience for your customers is our specialty.

As the say: "'the devil is in the detail'.

We design fabulous adventures that incorporate client preferences with your brand heritage and story to create that fairy-tale moment.

We Support luxury brands as a white label service from inception to execution.

Our team on the ground will represent your brand to the highest standards, we will act as an extension to you.

from the design, organization and execution of client events or activities, we will be there with you, working hand-in-hand, giving you the full support you need.

Our services include:

All our initiatives are unique and perfectly matched to your brand brief.

Planning, sourcing & execution:​

- VVIC travel programs
- Complex planning

   (cross-continent, numerous persons)
- Personally tailored experiences
- "Money can't buy" moments
- Gifting

Customer Employee Experience Agency

"People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel"

(M. Angelou). 

Our Story

Sensate was born in January 2020 to revolutionise the experience industry in the MENA region. 

Our goal and mission since day one, has been to bridge the divide between brand, employee and client.

For the past  20 years, we've  worked in-house for countless global luxury brands, in the UK, USA, Europe and the Middle East. Throughout our careers, we designed, executed and implemented complex retail, clienteling and employee strategies, which drove positive business results. 


We are a tribe built by professionals that are skilled within the employee, brand and customer experience sector. Each of us brings a unique USP to our and your business in the consultants business industry. 

"We all deserve excellent quality service, a personal touch and to feel part of an extended family". 

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Our Story
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Our Services

Employee Experiences 

- Building cultures of inclusion and respect 

- Executive Coaching 

- Positive Leadership Programs 

- Team building activities and workshops

- Team happiness surveys

 - Nutrition & healthy living 
- Mental Health & Personal Growth
- Breathing & meditation programs
- Fun Fitness Challenges, Competitions, Contests
- Cool Perks and Just For Fun
- Productivity Boosters
- Happiness zones 

Client Experience

- Corporate Client Strategies

- Client Journey Mapping

- Client Experience Training programs and Tools

- Value Tier Strategy

- Outreach strategy / Programs

- Engagement plans
- Specific engagement strategies for HNWI

   and top VIC's / Client journey ​

- CRM strategies
- Customer retention and online outreach programs
- Digital sales in retail stores 
- CX insights (analysis and implementation) 

Brand Experience

- Headhunting

-Strategy | Inception | Implementation  

- Product development

- Merchandising

- Buying & Merchandising

- VM

Tailored Training
& Workshops

- Clienteling / Hospitality / Etiquette / Art of hosting 

- Connect, Capture, Convert, Cultivate  

- Emotional intelligence

- Storytelling
- Client psychology

- Effective communication
- Customer excellence - building rapport
- Team building offsites

- Digital sales techniques 
- And many more

Our services

Get in Touch /+971(0)4 427 21 21

E532 Saaha Office / Block B / Downtown Dubai / United Arab Emirates 

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We encourage every person in our tribe to be bold and expressive;

to embrace individuality and practice the art of honesty.

We value integrity and the belief that by nourishing our people and our clients and by standing by our values, we can create positive change.


Our Founder 


A seasoned Luxury Brand, Employee & Customer experience professional.

An Executive Coach, with over 20 years of experience in the international luxury retail and hospitality industries.


Ben has developed customer and employee strategies for brands such as Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Selfridges, Tiffany & Co and Hugo Boss, to name a few.


Ben has been Training & Coaching high-performing teams throughout his career, he has developed many managers and leaders.


He specialises in Service excellence, CX, EX customer psychology, cross-cultural leadership, executive & personal coaching and much more.

Ben Safra

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