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What if an AI-tool had all the answers to all our questions?

It’s February 2023, and here’s what we’re obsessed with: Web3, quantum, green technology, robots, and Chat GPT, the AI-tool that might just have all the answers to all our questions, that’s literally getting us all in the office into a frenzy!

Open AI introduced Chat GPT, a chatbot that engages in a conversational way. It uses advanced computing algorithms and a lot of data to anticipate the future and combine words in meaningful ways (Business Insider). Chat GPT was able to generate some meaningful and thoughtful ideas that we as humans may have forgotten to focus on.

We decided to test Chat GPT and explore a collaborative piece of work discussing the topic of Challenges vs Opportunities. We wanted to compare what Chat GPT wrote/ thought versus the Sensate team of writers.

Challenges vs Opportunities Chat GPT vs Sensate

Bigger risks create greater rewards


“In life and career, it is common to encounter both challenges and opportunities. While challenges can be seen as negative and difficult to overcome, opportunities can be seen as positive and exciting”.


We love facing challenges as a team and overcoming them. This helps us develop our problem-solving skills and build resilience. In the past 3 years since Sensate started, we have faced countless hurdles! For one, forming a company literally at the start of COVID was insane and a huge risk. To add to that, being unique in our services and offerings and having a complete niche in the market was risky yet rewarding. Last but not least, explaining our services and USP to our clients was a huge undertaking. Three years on, we have established ourselves as leaders in our field and have built a presence and a name in the GCC market. "We love all our clients and are happy that our founder, Ben Safra, took those risks to set up Sensate."

Obstacles into Opportunities


"By concentrating on what we can manage, we may discover the good in every circumstance. It's easy to become paralyzed by a situation and believe there is nothing you can do. However, you can take steps to discover a solution and transform the obstacle into an opportunity by concentrating on what you can control, such as your thoughts and actions."


Though the opinion may come across as a bit philosophical, we agree entirely with Chat GPT. We focus on following a strategy of: adaptation to any situation, turning bad into good. We view challenges as opportunities for improvement rather than hurdles. For example, we were hired to recruit a candidate for a senior-level role at a tech startup. The challenge was that they needed someone with a unique set of skills and expertise, as well as a specialization in a brand-new field that only a handful of professionals possess worldwide. We decided to look at the situation from a different perspective, and rather than think of the (Many), obstacles, we looked at the opportunities and the exciting and challenging process of finding this exceptional candidate. We scrapped all our old working methods and started our research from scratch. We used our bespoke recruitment methods, team effort, technology, and creative thinking to find the right fit, and sure enough, we found him!

We love taking on impossible challenges and making them possible. It’s essential to approach each challenge with a positive, can-do attitude and a mindset of growth.

Get the most out of it!


“Opportunities are often great and thrilling, but each one has its own unique series of problems. When offered a new job, for instance, you might be excited about the opportunity but anxious about the new role's duties and the requirement to pick up new skills. In this situation, it's crucial to approach the opportunity with a growth mindset and look for tools and assistance to ensure your success in the new position. You can discover fresh perspectives and answers to the issue by seeking support and resources, whether they come from friends, family, mentors, or resources like books, films, and courses.”


It is necessary to bridge the gap between obsolete techniques and contemporary imaginative thinking. Due to the rise in resignations, toxic cultures, and career cushioning in the past year, there is a need for employees to identify solutions to tackle challenges and create opportunities for themselves. This new approach is all about changing your mindset by creatively adopting a unique problem-solving strategy and engaging with a mentor or coach to help you overcome your personal and professional challenges. We have worked with many professionals in the past year, crafting with and for them bespoke strategies that are tailored to each of their needs in order to help them become the best versions of themselves and scale their businesses. We have seen a huge surge in demand for coaching, all due to the transformational training given by the coach that helps the coachee become the ideal version of themselves in terms of personal development, career development, and more.

It is important to understand that both challenges and opportunities can serve as chances for growth and development. Formulating a blog using Chat GPT was intriguing because it offered us a fresh outlook, and combining it with the thoughts of our team, helped to bridge the gap between a human and an AI brain, just like our company, which focuses on bridging the gap between employees, clients, and brands. Chat GPT has helped to create a quick conversational solution to all research issues, same way, at Sensate, we strive to put forward the best solutions to help businesses by elevating their experience journey for brands, clients, and employees with our bespoke curated experience programs to meet the needs of each client.

"Signing off" - Chat GPT & Team Sensate

Now it’s your turn to embrace these solutions and outshine your 2022 version.

Writers: Chat GPT, Ben Safra & Melanie D'silva


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